The BEF was set up by the Government of Balochistan in 1994 for strengthening private sector provision of education and raising the standard of education in the province. In 1994-95 it was granted an endowment of US$ 2 million by USAID through the GoB, and has been using the returns on that endowment to fund a modest program of support to private sector educational institutions since then. It has gone through a major transformation during the last two years. The GoB recognized that with proper restructuring and strengthening, BEF could play a major role in promoting and supporting community, civil society and private sector initiatives in education. In view of this, the government, through an amendment to the BEF Act in 2004 , restructured the BEF and brought about significant reforms in its governance, management, and operating procedures.


The key objective of the project is the promotion of public-private and community partnerships in order to improve access to quality primary education, in particular for girls. The project contributes to Pakistan's long-term objective of achieving Millennium Development Goal (MDG) by targeting universal literacy, gender parity in education, and 100% net enrolment.